Thursday, December 24, 2009

busy, busy, busy

this week has been crazy. so much for my relaxing vacation! oh well. it is partly my own fault because i didn't finish my shopping and wrapping as early as i could have. here is what i did today: woke up, started laundry, wrapped presents, more laundry, vacuumed basement and stairs, had some coffee, made the bed, checked my email, watched some tv, had lunch, back to laundry, went to the gym, went to Target, dropped some donations off at the goodwill, came home, started dinner (turkey tacos), steve came over, continued to cook dinner, michelle and brett came over, ate dinner, made cocktails, conversation, played warioware smooth moves, played guitar hero, watched andy play ddr, said goodbye to everyone, cleaned up, finished wrapping presents, more laundry, tv, and blogging. whew!

i still have a lot of housework to do, but i guess it can wait until the weekend. hopefully the roads will be okay tomorrow and we will be able to get to my parent's house...i can't wait for everyone to open their gifts!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

so bad at this...

i am not good at updating this blog...or any other blog i have ever had. i wish i had more to write about! thankfully i have twitter and facebook to remind me of what i have done.

cancer update - i had my 3 month checkup with the doctor last week and everything is still looking good. the doc wants me to keep my port in until may or june which is sort of a bummer. i was hoping to have it out by february or march. i guess it's not that much of a difference. he said that if the disease were to reappear it usually happens 6 to 9 months after the last chemo treatment. i definitely don't want to have another port put back in so i guess it's better to be cautious. my hair is also growing back. i wish it would grow faster, but at least i have something there now.

i have been very busy with holiday parties and activities. this is probably one of my most favorite times of the year and i am definitely making the most of it. we have lots of fluffy, white snow on the ground and it is cold, but not so cold that you want to die when you step outside. we did have one week of that stuff but thankfully it has warmed up to the 20's. i will enjoy it while it lasts.

i just finished putting the final stamp on our holiday cards. hopefully everyone will get them before Friday! we put save the date magnets in some of our cards (out of towners and whatnot), i guess we really are going to get married! exciting! i have been looking at dresses lately. that is the most urgent thing i need to accomplish at the moment.
i have this whole week off of work. awesome. merry christmas!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

yay for home improvement

we have an electrician here today to install outdoor garage lights. whoo hoo. i am very excited about this because our house gets so dark at night! and our housewarming party is on saturday so that way the lights will be done by then! i have been keeping busy with lots of house stuff and work. other then that i haven't been doing a whole lot. andy's mom was staying with us for a little while and halloween came and went. handing out candy was super fun, but we skipped out on the parties we were invited too because we had a long day of furniture shopping that day. i was going to be "Nanny" from the Muppet Babies for a Muppet themed party. it would have been awesome, but i was okay with staying home that night. i love being at home right now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

way too busy!

i've been too busy to post! work, casino trips, bowling, 101 dalmations, little house on the prairie, unpacking,'s been crazy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

october? already?!

i can't believe it is october! it feels like i haven't been to the doctor in a long time! it is weird...i have been keep busy with two bowling leagues. my teams have ridiculous names like "three hookers and a straight guy" and "two balls, one pin". it's fun, but two leagues is a bit much for me! i definitely won't be doing two leagues again. i just like having my weeknights free so that i can watch tv!

andy and i are in our new house! we are both loving it, but we will love it more once we are unpacked and have gotten some painting done and stuff. the cats are also adjusting. i think they really like it though!

anyways, it's rainy today and i am working from home. the best part of the day has been drinking coffee while listening to the rain! i love it!

Monday, September 21, 2009

the big "c"

so, i had cancer. i think i can say that it is gone now and that i am cancer-free...but i never really asked my doctor that specifically...guess i should. anyways, what a trip. you hear about it, you probably know someone who has had it, you are told that pretty much anything and everything can give you cancer, but you never think it will happen to you. well, last march, it happened to me. i am not sure how long i had it before i found out about it, but i can guess that it was at least a few months. i started feeling tired and kind of weird maybe in december of last year. i noticed that after working out on the elliptical machine and lying down to do some crunches that it felt like my heart was beating in my abdomen and i could feel a hard lump. i didn't think too much of it at the time, but i guess that was the tumor. i started feeling more tired and i didn't have an appetite. i wasn't sure what was wrong, but i guess i figured it was some sort of winter cold or flu. i also had the chills a lot. i also had a lot going on at the time. i had just gotten engaged, i was going to go back to school, and i was trying to be a good maid of honor for my sister so being tired didn't seem very weird.

i remember joking around with my co-workers about my strange symptoms and comically saying, "what if it's cancer?!".

anyways, my lack of energy was driving my mom crazy so she finally made me go to urgent care. the doctor there told me that it felt like it could be a baby(!) or a tumor (!!). i think my blood test at urgent care was pretty wacky too and they told me to go to the emergency room right away.

the next 48 hours are kind of blurry and stuff. they ran a ton of tests on me and the next thing i know i am scheduled for surgery. because the tumor was attached to one of my ovaries, we had to make some quick decisions. should they try to save my other ovary? should they take everything out so that i won't have to worry about this happening again? well...considering that i was newly engaged and have always wanted to have a family andy, my mom, and i decided that if they discovered that the other ovary was not damaged that they should leave it in. this way we can at least try to have a baby or two and if we are not able too, we know that there are a lot of other options. the doctor did recommend that as soon as we are done having children (or trying to have children) that i should have everything else taken out as soon as possible. i guess we will see what happens in the next few years! the worst thing about the possibility of another surgery is the thought of having to drink that nasty stuff that cleans out your system again! ugh!! maybe they will have a better method by then...

so anyways...i had 6 rounds of chemotherapy and am really glad to be done with that! the first couple rounds were hard because i had gotten an infection from my surgery. i wasn't able to eat much and was very weak. two rounds of anti-biotics later i was better and overall the rest of my treatments were not too bad. i had some nausea and of course lost my hair, but i know that it could have been a lot worse. i can't wait for my hair to grow back because i am very sick of wearing a wig.

anyways, i am generally an optimistic person so here are the top five good things about my chemotherapy:

1. getting time off of work
2. not having to shave my legs all summer
3. having time to just relax and read books
4. spending a lot of quality time with my mom
5. getting over my fear of doctors

and on the flip side, here are the top five bad things that i experienced (there are more then 5, but i'll leave out some of the gory details):

1. losing my hair
2. feeling weak
3. not being able to sleep very well
4. all the needle sticks and shots
5. losing my hair :(

well that is all for now. time to move on with my life! i've already got a lot to look forward too since andy and i just closed on our house and of course the wedding! i am looking forward to making fun decorating decisions and getting into the wedding details! woot, woot!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

last chemo treatment!

i had my last chemo treatment today! it was a little touch and go for a few minutes...they did my lab work and it took forever for the results to come in. i tried to stay busy by playing with my iphone so hat i wouldn't think about things too much and start getting emotional. my mom was sooooo nervous.

after the nurse finally found my oncologist to get his opinion on my bloodwork we found out that we were good to go! my white blood cells were still low, but they decided to give me a lower dosage of the drugs so that i could continue one and be done with it all. thank you god!

they started with the pre-meds...i know benedryl is one of them but i don't know what the other one is...maybe a steroid...something for nausea? anyways those are always fun. they are amazed that the benedryl doesn't make me drowsy. i guess with everyone else they are all fast asleep when they get it.

the first chemo drug that i get is called Taxol. it takes three hours for the drug to go in through my IV. i felt fine for this one and always have.

the second drug i get is called carboplatin. this one usually only takes one hour or less to get. it started out okay, but all of the sudden i felt really weird. i was all sweaty (probably didn't help that i had turned the heat on in my recliner), itchy (especially the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet), and tingly...then the nausea set in. luckily they gave me a bucket and i did not make a mess...they stopped the carbo and just had saline go into me for a little while. they consulted with my oncologist and decided to give me more benedryl and some steroids. they also decided to dilute the drug with saline so that it wouldn't be so concentrated. this took some time to do and of course once it was done the bag was twice the size which meant twice the time to administer. luckily i didn't have another reaction and i was able to have the drugs and finish out my treatment.

my mom and i got my favorite starbucks drink to celebrate (vanilla bean blended creme! so yummy!) and then came home. what a long day!

anyways, i am going to write another blog post about my cancer experience soon. fun!

'til next time!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

fantasy football

i am participating in a small fantasy football league this year. i have never done this before and i don't know how excited i will get about it, but here is my team.

Peyton Manning – Ind – QB
Randy Moss – NE – WR
Calvin Johnson – DetWR
Pierre Thomas – NO – RB
Reggie Bush – NO – RB
Chris Cooley – Was – TE
Terrell Owens – BufWR
Donovan McNapp – Phi – QB
Beanie Wells – Ari – RB
Marshawn Lynch – Buf – RB
Lee Evans – BufWR
Kellen Winslow – TB – TE
David Akers – Phi – K
Baltimore – Bal – DEF
New England – NE - DEF

i don't know who most of these players are...but maybe i'll be lucky and will win! andy and i are watching the vikings game right now. he has a lot of vikings players on his team so that is kind of fun.

'til next time!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

twins game

i met julia for the twins game last night. they played the oakland a's and they also lost horribly. we left early, but when i got home i saw that they got a few more runs late in the game so at least it wasn't quite as bad of a blowout. i had a dome dog and got the jumbo pop so that i would have a souvenir from the last season in the dome. it was ridiculously large and yet somehow i drank the entire thing. we were also only a few rows away from the "hormel row of fame". it would have been so cool to have been in that row! we were too far away to jump into any open seats (not to mention that we were surrounded by old people), but it was still exciting.
well this morning, some of my friends are participating in a walk/run for ovarian cancer. i chose not to participate this year due to my ever changing treatment schedule, but i will definitely do it next year! i am meeting up with some of them for breakfast soon so i better put my hair on and get ready. fun times!!
'til next time!

Friday, September 11, 2009

first post...

hola. i've got a lot going on in my life at the moment so i thought it would be fun to write about some of it! plus i love blogs.

to start, here are a few interesting things about me:

- i like writing all in lower caps, it just looks cooler to me...
- i am on two bowling leagues this fall...
- i am getting married next july!...
- my fiance (andy) and i are moving into a new house next week!...
- i had a football sized tumor removed on march, 30, 2009 and i was supposed to have my final chemotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer on sept. 3...then it got pushed back to sept. 10...and now it's been pushed back again to sept. 17...argh! if it gets pushed back again i will probably cry for days...
- i love television...
- i love my two crazy cats...i am sure they will be the topic of many, many blog postings...
- i once was about 5 feet away from john travolta...
- my picture was in an issue of tv guide once...
- i am working from home today and really should not be working on this right now...guess i better get back to work!

'til next time!