Tuesday, October 20, 2009

way too busy!

i've been too busy to post! work, casino trips, bowling, 101 dalmations, little house on the prairie, unpacking, painting...it's been crazy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

october? already?!

i can't believe it is october! it feels like i haven't been to the doctor in a long time! it is weird...i have been keep busy with two bowling leagues. my teams have ridiculous names like "three hookers and a straight guy" and "two balls, one pin". it's fun, but two leagues is a bit much for me! i definitely won't be doing two leagues again. i just like having my weeknights free so that i can watch tv!

andy and i are in our new house! we are both loving it, but we will love it more once we are unpacked and have gotten some painting done and stuff. the cats are also adjusting. i think they really like it though!

anyways, it's rainy today and i am working from home. the best part of the day has been drinking coffee while listening to the rain! i love it!