Sunday, December 18, 2011

Things to do today!

I slept until 11:30 this morning! So strange. I took some allergy medicine last night because I felt congested and I guess it really knocked me out!

1. Coffee, coffee, coffee...

2. Take outdoor lights down. : ( We just could not get them working this year and I want to get them down before it really does get cold's in the 40's today! Strange.

3. Color my hair - trying a new foam type recommended by Bridget. Dark Chocolate Brown hair, here I come!

4. Celebrate the holidays with my Dad's side of the family. Fun times! I am excited to see everyone and eat some yummy appetizers.

5. Print address labels and get our holiday cards ready for the mail.

6. Read the newspaper.

7. Watch a holiday movie. Choices include, "Love Actually", "The Holiday", "Elf", or "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation". I plan to watch all of these over the next couple of weeks.

8. Good night!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oops, I missed a few Sundays!

I was in between classes so my motivation to procrastinate on my blog just was not there! Here are some updates...

Milo got his lions cut!
First, here is his bald spot from the first vet appointment.

Here he is after the full cut. So cute and his fur is so soft!!!! He was very out of it this night and it was really sad to see him so loopy. Thankfully he recovered and is back to his old self now. He loves being brushed now!

Look at this face! He look so tiny. Turns out it really was all that fur that made him look huge!


Fall has arrived!!!


We went to the Northeast Pub Mosey! #NEPM

The Return of FNFTC (Friday Night Feast - Twin Cities - I will be updating this blog soon...)

After a summer hiatus (which we filled with a few outdoor happy hours) we went to Spill the Wine in Minneapolis. We had an okay experience here and more details will be posted on the FNFTC blog soon! Here are some dark and not very good pictures!

Attended a baby shower for Angel and Phil!

On Meaghan and Nick's rooftop!

Watched protesters for #occupywallstreet through the skyways.

And I will end this post with a cool picture of the sky!

Phew, I better keep up with this better or else all my posts will be gigantic like this one!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cats and a tap dancing old lady

So, turns out Milo is not sick or anything, he is just angry! The vet tried to take some of his mattes out and they were all connected. She called it a "pelt". Anyways, this is quite painful for him because they tug at his skin. They have suggested that he be sedated so that he can get his body shaved. I was hesitant at first, but he is currently sporting a big, jagged, bald spot on his side and it is super cute. His whole body being shaved is going to be even cuter! They are going to give him a "lion's cut". I will definitely post pictures. It's happening tomorrow!

Besides the cat excitement, I have been limping along in my class. I just don't like this one for some reason! I also saw a movie and went shopping yesterday. Fun times. Oh yeah, I went to a fun happy hour last Thursday. There was a spontaneous tap dancing 84 year old woman there. So weird and awesome at the same time.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rainy days are for the cats

It's a rainy Sunday here in Minnesota. I have been enjoying the cooler, Fall temps, but I am not quite ready to break out the jacket yet...not to mention socks! I really need to get a better pair of shoes for work. I don't have any that are really comfortable and also work appropriate. It's a good excuse to go shoe shopping!

Tomorrow should be interesting. Milo has a vet appointment and it is always a struggle to get him in his carrier. He just flips out and makes horrible noises like we are torturing him. It's not fun for anyone, but I am hoping they can help me get some of the mattes out of his fur. Hopefully he will check out okay. He has had some behavioral issues lately (probably because of Gidget), but it does seem to be getting a bit better.

We went to a wedding last night. It was a good time! Goldy the Gopher was there and we spun his head, tail, and body. He also gave me a massage which was really funny! The drinks and food were fabulous!

I also got my haircut yesterday! It was my first real haircut post-chemo. I had one about a year ago because my hair was becoming a mullet and I needed to do something. After a year of growing it out, it was time to get it evened out a bit and also thin it out. My hair is extremely thick and can get quite poufy. It feels great to have some of the bulk out and my head feels much lighter! Yay! Now I can keep growing it and it will look nicer as it grows out more.

Anyways, back to homework and coffee! Wish I could take a nap! Today is a perfect nap weather day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Of course I am also remembering 9-11 today. The memorial at Ground Zero looks amazing. Hard to believe it has been ten years...

Oh look, it's Sunday again!

It's 10:10pm and I am not done with my homework! Whoops! It's been a busy weekend and I've had a lot going on so that is my excuse.

Friday - HH, bowling
Saturday - MOCA walk, lunch, date night movie
Sunday - visited friends in St. Paul and Eagan

I feel like there was even more in there that I am forgetting, but that is still quite a bit. I drove around town quite a bit. Anyways, homework is overrated. I don't really have any good pictures from the weekend. Too bad. I made a really good egg and veggie scramble for lunch today. I used up a ton of things that were on the verge of going bad so that felt great! We have a bunch of apples that need to be used. I think I'll make some applesauce...

Anyways, I'd love to write more, but I really should get at least some of this HW done.

10:15pm now...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Serial Sunday Procrastinator

I was looking through my bookmarks and found this old Tumblr blog that I started. The title definitely fits my mood today, Serial Sunday Procrastinator. I basically started it as a way to not do my homework. See, I always have homework deadlines on Sunday nights. Not to mention the fact that Sunday nights suck in general because of work the next day. At least tomorrow is a holiday! Back to my homework I guess!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Last surgery for the year...

And hopefully for a long, long time! Between the two of us, we have had five surgical procedures this year. Eight in the past two years. Too many!
Yesterday, Andy had his carpel tunnel surgery on his left hand. His right hand is healing well and feeling better. The doctor said that his left hand looked pretty bad and that he cleaned a lot of "junk" out of there so the surgery should really help him. I hope so! I am over doctors, clinics, and hospitals.
I am glad to have a long weekend to look forward too. We don't have too many plans, but a couple of things. I definitely have to get caught up in my class and maybe even work ahead a bit so I don't get overwhelmed. There will also be a trip to the state fair and to a mall with some friends. Fun times.
Well, time to get a few things done before dinner. I think we might watch "True Grit" tonight. Hope I like it!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I've got a Gidge on my shoulder

Gidget loves to sit behind my head on the couch and lay her head on my shoulder. *swoon* So cute! I love how all of our cats have such different personalities.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hi, my name is Gidget.

I'm new! I like to play, sleep, purr, drink water, play, sleep, purr, eat food, play, sleep, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...This house is pretty great and my humans let me walk all over them. My older brother and sister don't seem to like me too much yet, but I am wearing them down! I love to jump on Finny and chase her! I like to swat at Milo's tail and then run away! This place has a lot of toys and places for me to go. I love it here! purrrrrr.......PLAY!!!!!!!!

xtin, two time cancer survivor...

Not quite as glamorous as the Oscars, but I guess it is something!

Well, I hope to start blogging more often again. It's been another crazy year! Here is a quick recap of the year so far:

January - nothing to eventful, lots of snow...
February - more snow, turned 31, reaching my limits on dealing with some health issues...
March - decided I had to go to the doctor for a check up. had a feeling my hemoglobin was extremely low...yep, it was a 6 or 7! off to the hospital for a blood transfusion and a D&C...test results found cancer in my uterus. boo-urns.
April - time for the full hysterectomy. i had been through enough. surgery was on April 4. there was a 3mm speck of cancer outside my uterus too. not good. found out i would need radiation. happy to be able to keep my hair this time! rested and relaxed the rest of the month.
May - began radiation. 5 days a week until i had 25 treatments. radiation was easy for me. hardly any side effects.
June - finished radiation. had an internal implant put in for 36 hours of intense radiation. worst experience ever! unable to move, pain, discomfort. not fun.
July - back to work. feeling good though. first wedding anniversary. fun times at brie's cabin.
August - back into the swing of things. another cabin trip. in a mini-golf league!

Of course, much more happened, but those are the big things. Sigh. I hope next year is boring!